A Hispter's Paradise by robyn Bevan

10.02.17 | Mexico, Tulum | Casa Malca

Earlier this year my girl Jessica Woodley and I booked a last minute, spontaneous trip to Tulum, Mexico.  When I say last minute, I mean it… we literally booked our flights the day before. Maybe it was the new year ‘travel more’ & ‘be more spontaneous’ resolutions getting to my head… Who knows. Either way, it was the best spur of the moment decision I could’ve made.

I knew I was in for a treat when I landed to clear blue skies and 30-degree heat, but I had no idea how much I was going to fall in love with Tulum.

Once a hippy hideaway and now a hipster’s paradise; Tucked in the corner of the Yucatan tropical jungle in the Gulf of Mexico, Tulum has many mysteries to be uncovered.  Natural underwater limestone passages (cenotes), Mayan temples grazing the clouds and white sandy beaches. Not forgetting it’s magical, spiritual energy which left me captivated.

I could’ve been put up in a candle-lit Cabana and been happy, but to top it off I was staying at the Casa Malca – a new eco-friendly and art focused hotel once lived in by Pablo Escobar! The space showcases contemporary art throughout, with unmatched, laid-back luxury finished from local materials. Situated on its own 180-metre private beach, Casa Malca provided us with ultimate privacy.

The vintage shabby-chic decor and an avocado heavy menu meant the restaurant was an Instagrammer’s heaven.  The atmosphere was super laid-back,  I could simply indulge and recharge.  In the early mornings & lunch times, we ate whilst enjoying the view of the turquoise ocean.  At Casa Malca they celebrate the cuisine of Yucatan, made from quality, hand-picked local ingredients.  Scribbled on a blackboard, the menu offered traditional Mexican dishes as well as contemporary interpretations of world cuisines.  One of my favourites was their fusion take on a classic caesar salad – so yummy & fresh, I couldn’t resist it most lunch times! The food was light and healthy all round and left me feeling fulfilled and energised.